Calvin Liang

Kauai Painting Workshop

June 5–9, 2019

Workshop Fee: $650
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Calvin Liang will be teaching a 5 day workshop with three days of outdoor painting. two days will be spent working on a single studio painting based on photos you take on location. Calvin will begin with a demonstration then he will spend time with each student throughout the rest of the day. It is recommended to bring a laptop or tablet for the studio days. Alternatively, you may have color prints of your reference photos printed locally.
Plein air painting is a foundational part of training the eye to better understand the concepts of composition, design, and color harmony. The lessons will include:
1. How to plan a composition that will be effective for the artist’s intentions and preferences;
2. How to better see and use warm and cool color in landscape;
3. How to command hardness and softness of the edges to create space in a painting;
4. How to simplify the subject matter through the use of basic design, value, color and drawing skills;
5. How to consider the reasons for different paint surface textures, and brushstroke direction over the forms; and
6. How to get the best possible results in a short time.

Workshop Fee: $650
To register:

Workshop Supply List

Canvas panels or boards -6”X8”, 8” x 10”, 9” x 12” , 12” x 16”,16”X20” or larger
Brushes – Brights: #6, #10, #12; Filberts: #6; Flats: #2, #6; Artisan round: #1, #2, #4
Palette knife
Oil colors
o Titanium white
o Cadmium Yellow Light or Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue
o Cadmium Red Light or Cadmium Red Hue
o Yellow Ochre
o Orange
o Burnt Sienna
o French Ultramarine
o Cerulean Blue or Cerulean Blue Hue
o Sap Green or Olive Green
o Alizarin Crimson
o Ivory Black
Neo Megilp or Galkyd Gel or Liquin
Linseed Oil
Paper towels