2015 Turquoise Coast Journey

September 12 – 19, 2015 Cruise
September 19 – 26, 2015 Land

Dear Friends,

Turquoise Coast of Turkey is one of the great gems of the Mediterranean.

I am inviting a few of my painter friends on this weeklong, wonderful journey on a Gulet ~ Traditional Turkish sailing vessel. I am so glad that most of you are joining me again as your talent and friendship increases the meaning of this experience by many fold.

This will be my fifth painting cruise on the Turquoise Coast.  I hire the same boats and crew as I like them very much. Captain Taner is not only an experienced sailor but also the builder of gulets, which has eight cabins each with a private bathroom and shower.  He and his crew were born and raised and sailed on the Turquoise Coast all their lives and know these breathtaking coves and bays like the backs of their hands. They also know the local people very well so that we can explore areas not accessible to most people.
I have always made this journey in the summer months when the sea is so calm that one forgets being on water. Air is balmy and the azure/turquoise hued water is comfortably warm day and night. With its high salt content one floats effortlessly soaking up the minerals as Cleopatra did centuries ago. We will anchor again by her baths for a night or two.

To get to the boat you have to fly into Istanbul where you can spend a few days exploring this marvelous city. It is a one-hour flight from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Dalaman Airport where I will meet you with a minibus to take us to our boat within 30 minutes. You all have to arrive at Dalaman on the same flight from Istanbul. I will give you the flight number to purchase your tickets. 

Cost of this weeklong cruise is $1950 single occupancy and $2450 for double. The price includes, Dalaman airport pick up and delivery,  three meals a day with high tea in the afternoon.

Bus Fee for Land Trip: $275 per person

To reserve your space, email your request to: saimcaglayan@aol.com

I am sure this will be a lovely trip as with each one I have made they have progressively gotten better and better.


To reserve, mail your deposit to:

Saim Caglayan
5810 Kahiliholo Road
Kilauea, HI 96754



A Letter from an Artist

Dear Artists:  I have traveled for a total of two months in Turkey, in different years including two lovely weeks aboard Captain Jan's gulet on the Turquoise coast. Istanbul, to start, is a safe, clean and lovely city, sitting on ancient trade routes that joined three continents. It has been the capital of three modern empires and has that wonderful cosmopolitanism of a multiethnic city and country. Tourist attractions in Istanbul rival that of Paris, Berlin, Seville, or any of Europe's gems. Do get a guide to the city.

 It is listed as one of the safest cities in the world, a very "impressive" accomplishment, according to the US Department of State, for a city of 13 million. The most common crime is petty theft. Muggings extremely rare. People are open, friendly, of good cheer and hospitable.

I must say that the gulet experience is a dream for artists. Just do it.

After we left the boat group last summer, Michael and I rented a car and set off by ourselves exploring coastal villages and greek ruins, and visiting a remote village of 300 people on an inland lake, rather far off the beaten track. There was a B&B, but otherwise we were on our own. For a while, we were the only visitors in the village. An accidental meeting with two village women who spoke no English led to their inviting us to climb up the mountain beside the lake to see the ruins of a Greek city. It was a wonderful experience. Attached is a photo of my friend Michael with them. They invited us to their home for tea afterward. The next day, we hired a local man to guide us to ancient rock paintings on the mountain. Our experience in rural Turkey has never felt unsafe.

Sarah Watts
Professor Emeritus
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC


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