Kaua'i Figure Painting Workshop
with Scott Burdick February 12 – 16, 2011

Workshop fee: $950
Deposit: $100
To register:
Call (808) 634-6941
Email: saimcaglayan@aol.com

Make check to:
"Hanapepe Artworks" and mail it to Saim.

Saim Caglayan
5810 Kahiliholo Road,
Kilauea, HI 96754

Materials & Suppiles List

The following are the oils, watercolors, and pastels that I generally use. This is no hard and fast thing, however, so I encourage anyone to bring the materials and particular colors that suit them best. The important thing always is drawing, value, edges, and color and will apply no matter what the medium, or various brands.
Oils (Windsor Newton) - Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Lemon, Cadmium Red, Permanent Rose (Windsor Newton), Viridian,, Cobalt Blue, (Cerulean Blue occasionally), Ultramarine Blue, Ivory Black.
(Rembrant) - Transparent Oxide Red, Titanium White
The linen I use is Clausen's double primed Belgium linen - medium-all purpose or portrait texture.
Brushes - mostly flat and filbert bristles with several long, soft-haired smaller brushes for details. I have no particular brand that I prefer and mostly just buy whichever is on sale. I also use several different sized palette knives. I ask that everyone bring a couple of large bristle brushes, at least a size 12. I also use some of the Langnickel or Rosemary brushes.
Odorless Mineral Spirits – just to clean my brushes and to thin down the paint for some initial washes. Most of the time I just use the paint strait. I don't use any medium, but you're welcome to.
Paper towels  -I swear by Viva!
Outdoor Painting Workshop Checklist
-- Good portable easel. Susan and I have several kinds from French easel with a fold-up palette, to the Open Box M for smaller works.
-- Paints, brushes, turps (you can't bring these on the plane so you'll have to find a hardware store on the way to class – keep in mind that some small towns might not carry this), turpentine jar, canvases/paper (I usually do 14" by 18" and under outdoors), etc. Most of this is up to your own preferences and chosen medium.
-- A good hat – one with a wide brim is nice for protecting your neck from the sun.
-- Sun tan lotion.
-- A wind breaker with a hood. This is something I always have in my bag and when it's windy even in warm weather, this can be a life-saver!
-- I would also suggest not wearing a shirt that is too bright or light in color since this will reflect onto your canvas when it's in the full sun and create a lot of glare or a color cast on your painting.
-- a small camping stool is a good idea both for painting when you're tired, but especially for watching demos or just sitting around having lunch. You can get these just about everywhere for around ten dollars.
-- I would suggest bringing a good supply of paper towels (we love Viva!) and plastic bags for your trash (the ones from the grocery stores with the two handles are ideal for hooking onto your easel).
-- umbrellas (optional), but a very handy thing to shade your canvas. Many art suppliers sell the type that attach to your easel itself. I don't use them myself that often, but Susan swears by them.
-- A bottle of water is a must to have with you for a 3 hour painting session outdoors, especially when it's hot!
-- camera (optional).
If you are flying, print out this form and put it in with your paints.

Kaua'i Painting Workshop Accommodations
We suggest you begin making plans for travel and accommodations at least 60-90 days ahead as Kaua`i has become a very popular vacation destination year round.  The following is suggested information to help you in making your individual travel plans.
Airlines to Kaua'i 

Hawaiian Airlines go through Honolulu to Lihue
United and American have direct flights to Lihue from LAX & SF
Sometimes reserving through www.hotwire.com, or www.cheaptickets.com will get you a better rate.
Kauai Accommodations

Hale Luana B&B 808 828-6784  Elizabeth www.haleluana.com
Hanalei Bay Beach Houses www.vacationhanalei.com
Hanalei Bay Resort  808-826-6522
Hanalei Colony Resort 808-826-6235
Hale Ho’o Maha B&B 800 851-0291 or 826-7083  Kirby & Toby www.aloha.net/~hoomaha
Blue Sky Kauai Vacation Rentals 808-894-1486 toll free or 808.639.2960 www.blueskykauai.com